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I enjoy experimenting with new technology and I have been programming various games and projects since the age of 10. In my spare time I work on various Open Source Projects on Github and love experimenting with new programming languages. I’m eager to learn and often watch development videos from various conferences and read programming and design books. I love working with people especially creating software, which brings real benefits to people. I have recently started running and aspire to someday be able to run a marathon.


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A Mac PDF Text To speech application for quick reading of PDF files, ideal for quickly taking notes on academic and technical papers which ProductivePDF reads the text aloud at high speeds. Too slow at reading? Find your mind wandering when reading boring documents? Find it hard taking notes? This application is for you!

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Javascript implementation of the 39dll network library for GMHtml5

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6502 Assembler written in python (based on asm6 by olimar)

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Enigma function approval process, fork to contribute to enigma!

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Example and API of Making Blogger Posts in Python

3 0

EnigmaJS html5 game development tool

2 1

Clang plugin which aims to allow dynamic instrumentation of functions with a low CPU overhead

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Provides various functions to clean up Game maker games so they are able to compile with ENIGMA

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Syncs Google Documents to Confluence Wiki Pages, allowing the data to be searchable on your wiki while easily editable in google docs.

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Gameboy Disassembler - Convert assembled code back into Z80 assembly code

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