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Best free front websites!
Recently I have been looking for more interesting fonts for a couple of projects I am working on, the default fonts get old very quickly, even for very quick programmer art I like to have a font which blends with the theme of the game or website. In general I find typography very hard, i'm not a natural artist/designer, my main goal is to hack together graphics which look very pleasing to the eye but with the hope that an artist would eventually redo in order to give the wow factor. I'm really interested in learning about typography and how to make pleasant looking titles and GUI elements for games and websites so hopefully I will have some typography tutorial summaries on this blog very soon!

This post will be updated as I find
Anyway, here is the list of free font sites that I have come across which offer very nice looking fonts for the even better looking price of free!

  • Font Squirrel: - Found this through a nettuts+ tutorial and thought it looks like an excellent resource.
  • Font leech:  - Another great looking font website which I will have to take a closer look into

In fact while browsing for similar sites I found this excellent blog post on the top font sites which contains quality fonts for absolutely nothing, check it out!

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