Is it possible to improve my artistic skills?

One thing I have always loved to be able to do is create cool artwork for the websites, games and applications that I develop. Being able to use already created templates and css frameworks such as bootstrap certainly help make my websites look better than me 'programmer art' but I would love to go a stage further and be able to create customised experiences that just look good.

So I have decided (yet again  -_- ) to try out various tutorials with the rather unrealistic aim of being able to design my own assets without requiring a designer. Can sites like tuts+ and digital-tutors improve my rather awful programmer art into a style suitable for production? stay tuned to find out!

Here is my plan for material to watch over the next year or so, purely based on how cool the end results look (in my opinion).

Adobe illustrator

I have always loved the idea of vector artwork and my hope is that illustrator could be the only tool I need to create assets for games, apps and even whole websites. Here is the list of tutorials I plan to follow:

Learn How To Create Two-Tone and Graphic Radials

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