Rules for Clean Javascript


Rules for Clean Javascript 2017

Create MORE functions (rather than large functions)

  • Helps with DRY

  • Easier to refactor

Use Lodash rather than custom looping code (when you can)

  • Optimised for most common cases (much more optimised than underscore)

  • Peer-reviewed for bugs and performance

  • Creates more shareable code as long as both projects are using lodash

Use a consistent code format throughout the whole project

  • Make it auto-format on save

  • Can use Standard or SemiStandard

  • Auto convert tabs to spaces (IDE plugin or automated task)

  • Auto remove any excess spaces at end of line (IDE plugin or automated task)

  • Benefit: Removes noise from Pull-Request reviews

Use Longer names when possible (as long as they are more descriptive)

  • It’s better to have longer variable/function names than comments that explain the purpose of a variable (see: Clean Code)

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