Training Review: Build Your Career with michael Lopp


Now that I have started my new Job and currently loving it, I decided to create a trial subscription to Pluralsight.

The choice of Pluralsight was due to deciding that it was the most professional looking Training site which tailors towards professional developers, as opposed to the normal “Learn Java easily” type training sites.

The first course I decided to watch was “Build Your Career with michael Lopp”, just for general interest what his advice for software developers who have recently landed in a nice career would be.

Good points from the video:

Focus on your superpower, don’t keep trying to be better at stuff you are only average at (and probably always will be), get someone else to do that stuff and focus on what you are really good at!

An example of that is getting someone to do organisation while you focus on the development!

Have the ability to just take up any language, better than just being really good in one, so I guess just use as many languages as you can!

The video also contained various advice on writing articles/books for developers, which i din’t personally find very useful, the advice was pretty basic.

He describes his career path which although interesting isn’t particularly useful, since as he admits he was in the right place at the right time. Although he clearly has a good attitude and is very intelligent so it is a good watch, just don’t expect to learn too much.

Overall rating 3/5 (Good)

As for Pluralsight itself:

The Good:

  • Variable Playback speed! Save time by watching it faster, or slower, really like this feature!

The Not-so-good:

  • No where to easily save notes, would have been nice to have a text area which links to the time in the video so you can take notes while it is playing.

Hopefully i’ll have time to write a short review of more of the Pluralsight courses and maybe even continue on into a paid subscription!

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