Training Review: NodeJS Play by Play Tim Caswell


Welcome! This is my second review while using my Pluralsight trial subscription. This is a “Play by Play” training course which seems to give an expert programmer a task to implement and shows you the process that they go through from concept to creation!

Points from the video:

  • He uses the JSLint style since most tools use that OOTB (out of the box)

The good:

  • He uses a really nice big font in his text editor which makes it really easy to follow along no matter how big your screen is :)
  • He also uses a very nice font ubuntu mono which is a nice free font!

The not-so-good:

  • It can be a little boring to watch and it seems you could easily write the same application by following the nodejs documentation.
  • I didn’t feel I really learned anything, I wanted to write down important points but it was so secific to the task I don’t feel I really took away much information.

Overall rating: 2/5 “ok”

The course does make me want to write something in node.js, but currently I have so many different projects which will use grails/rails/django/flask that it will be hard to find the time or project. But hopefully i’ll think of a small project that I can write in nodejs that will also be a useful tool to use for day-to-day development. We’ll see :)

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